The conference is planned to bring together scholars, policy-makers and practitioners in an international platform. The aim of the conference is to establish a ground for scholars, practitioners and researchers outside of the universities who carry on studies on regional development to exchange ideas and discuss about regional development. The symposium five main subjects of which are agriculture, industry, energy, tourism and education will handle the problems, solution offers, potentials, promises, alternatives of the region in general and region provinces in private and aims to bring scholars , public enterprises, civil society organizations and private sector authorities and representatives together in an international platform for exchange of ideas; to enhance the partnership, cooperation and synergy in accordance with accurate, planned, projected, active and efficient performing of investments and services.

    •   It is aimed to build up a roadmap and design a common vision for the improvement of regional development practices in Turkey through discussions between participating experts.

   •  The recent developments in the subject area of Regional development worldwide through participating academics, representatives of civil society organizations and bureaucrats and in what extent Turkey has adapted to these developments and what it can do further in order to advance regional development in Turkey will be revealed.

    •  The conference will contribute to the emergence of an academic platform that will bring about important benefits for Turkey in short- and long-term with its context and the qualification of the participants.

    •   A work of art will be presented that will contribute to the body of literature on regional development and provide a reference for decision-makers with the book of proceedings to-be-published at the end of the conference

   •   The importance attached by Turkey to issues of regional development and knowledge society will be released to the national and international public via invited representatives of local and national press.